Hello one, Hello all!!

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve lasted updated you on my bump, which you can find over here: Bumpdate | 18 weeks. Lets just say that theres been a few changes, so I felt that it was only necessary to update you.

With that being said, here is my 24 week bumpdate!


Good news, nausea is gone! Yahooo!! Bad news, my dear friend heartburn has her appearance and wont go away, wah. I also have hamstring issues on my right leg, mixed in with my ulnar nerve entrapment, has made typing and walking long distances difficult.

We also recently found out that I have an “eccentric umbilical cord”, which means that the cord is not in the centre of my Placenta but rather off to one side. I was told not to worry too much about it. The OBGYN has suggested to monitor the babies growth closely, which gives me some sort of comfort, however, since this is my first time dealing with something like this, I am a bit nervous.

A full update on will be up soon (hopefully).


Yes, tons of movement, especially when I wake up and right before I head to bed! Baby loves to punch me.


I’m still loving my granny smith apples! I’ve added chips, oranges, raspberries and really anything sour. LOVE LOVE LOVE anything sour!

Maternity Clothing

I’m really into anything flowy, comfy and casual. However, I couldn’t help myself and decided to dress up this Relaxed Fit T-shirt Dress from Little & Lively with a pair of Steve madden platforms, as well as, this rose printed Kimono from Lone Wolf Boutique. Both locally sourced right here in Vancouver, BC.

The “mama bear” leggings are also from Lone Wolf Boutique and the best part, their not see through! I paired it with the Nourish Long Sleeve T-Shirt from Au Fait Mama and a Boho Hi Low Kimono from Pink Blush Maternity.


You already know it’s a boy! See our reveal here: Our Gender Reveal.

Thats all for now!! Thank you for reading and joining me on my journey. Oh, I almost forgot, both of Abel’s outfits are from Lucy & Leo. I hope to bring you more bumpdates but no promises 😉

Photography by: Julie Christine Photography


  1. Oh I craved craved anything and everything sour during my pregnancies! Couldn’t get enough! Gorgeous photos!

  2. Kelly McJunkin

    It’s going to fly by so fast!! You look great!

  3. Loving that dress! I’m glad they are going to be monitoring his growth closely. That sounds scary but I’m sure everything will be fine.

  4. You look beautiful!! I’m so excited for your 3rd boy. I totally didn’t look this cute at 24 weeks. At least you’re craving healthy things! All I want is chicken wings, cheese fries, and Reese’s cups.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your pregnancy ❤️

  5. Tamara Goyette

    I love that you are taking so many incredible photos this pregnancy. So many great memories.