As a sleep-deprived parent, making the decision to work with Lara from Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts sleep consulting was a game changer!

They say you lose 44 days of sleep in your babies first and I would beg to differ. When you add 1 more child to make it 3, you are literally waving your sleep goodbye.

Before Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts Sleep Consulting

I think the hardest part of becoming a mom of three was figuring out a balance. I remember when I first had Isaiah I asked on my Facebook “Which child do I put to sleep first? The Newborn or the Toddler?” Many people responded by saying the toddler since the newborn wouldn’t need much structure yet.

That worked but things eventually changed and it was Isaiah who needed to be put to bed first.

After about 10 months of winging bedtime. I got fed up.

I wasn’t sleeping. When I eventually got Isaiah to sleep, he would wake up every 30 minutes until I went up to breastfeed or cuddle him. It made it extremely hard to get any blogging or housework done.

Isaiah also co-slept for 10 months which made it difficult for me to enjoy my sleep to the fullest. We co-slept because I was breastfeeding and it was easier for me to have him next to me.

Towards the end of the day, I felt like a walking mombie {aka mom zombie}.

SO sleep deprived, SO fed up and SO over it.

During the Process | Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts Sleep Consulting

Funny enough, I wanted to work with Lara back when Abel was a toddler. BUT I wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to commit to the process of change.

However, this time around, I KNEW it had to be done or else it would be like this forever.

I basically begged Lara to help me, that’s how desperate I was.

We started off with the initial phone consultation to make sure that she could help us! I voiced my concerns, the problems we were having at bedtime and how I wanted our bedtime to look like.

A few days later she came back with a game plan for us based on what we told her. She said that things were about to get a little bit harder before they got better.

She was right.

Things DID get harder.

I’m not gonna lie, you have to be committed to the process. Which I was.

Every day for 21 days, I would check in the morning to let her know how things went the night before. We switched things almost every night until we felt like we had things under control.

After the Process | Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts Sleep Consulting

The whole process was an emotional rollercoaster but at the end of it all, we got what we wanted! And that was for Isaiah to sleep in his own crib from 730pm (with one night waking to feed) and back to bed until morning time.

It was bittersweet when he 21 days were up. I felt like Lara was apart of our team, rooting for us, giving us words of encouragement and overall just being there when we needed help.

Unfortunately, we all got sick right after our 21 days was up so our new bedtime routine was put on hold. However, I felt so much more equipped to tackle bedtime with the foundation we built with Lara’s help!

We are slowly getting back to the one night wake again because that was heavenly and this mama needs her sleep. I let Lara know what was going so that she didn’t feel like she failed us. She understood that life happens. I always knew I could reach out to her for support.

The main reason why I decided to go with Lara from Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts was because of her  “Gentle sleep solution” approach. It worked for us (I cannot handle the crying because I get extremely anxious).

I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Lara if you are looking to help your son or daughter with their sleep routine.

She doesn’t force you to follow a step by step guide, instead, she helps figure out a sleep solution that works best based on your family needs.

Thank you SO much Lara for helping our family get the much-needed rest! To book your consultation with Lara head over to her website: Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts

*We were provided with sleep consulting services in exchange for my honest review! Head over to my disclaimer page for more information

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