Do you ever get that urge to just pack a bag and hit the road?! Well, our family sure does! AND, our next adventure was at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise!

First, can I just say how lucky we are to live a mere 2.5 hrs away from such a beautiful mountain escape? People from all over the world come and visit this historical landmark. So the fact that our family can drive up anytime we want to, well that’s pretty amazing!

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | Winter Wonderland Getaway

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | Winter Wonderland Getaway

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Where to Stay [Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise ]

Every time we visited Lake Louise in the past, it’s either been a day trip or a quick pop-in on the way back home to Calgary. So staying overnight at the Fairmont Chateau, which is located only steps away from Lake Louise. Well, I can confirm that it was pretty magical.

At first, we were a bit hesitant to stay overnight because of the predicted cold front but we were so looking forward to this trip, that we decided to go ahead with it. To be honest, Lake Louise is worth visiting in the middle of winter regardless of what people may think.

There are a lot of fun things to do, but we’ll get to that later.

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is your home away from home. Whether you’re planning a girl’s trip or a fun family weekend away, your room will most likely have a mountain view!


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Where to Eat [Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise]

Since we are locals to Alberta, we know that there aren’t many places to eat in town, especially after a certain time. So, of course, we took advantage of all the yummy restaurants that the Fairmont Chateau had to offer!

Here’s a quick list:

Also, if you aren’t a hotel guest, you can still enjoy all of these restaurants at your leisure! Grab some grub before heading home! It’s a perfect way to end your visit 🙂

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | Winter Wonderland Getaway

Play Outside

So this is the part that I’m really excited to talk about! I know many visitors come to Lake Louise in the spring/summertime.  I totally get why! It’s definitely a must-see and it also serves as a great photo op. BUT, can we just give winter a bit of a moment here?

Because there are SO many things to do! Especially in the wintertime.

Of course, we all know that Lake Louise freezes over in mid-December and stays frozen until late May/early June. Note that access for skating typically ends mid-April. This gives us about 5-6 months of frozen fun!

Here’s a quick overview of the winter activities you can do when visiting Lake Louise in the wintertime.

  • Ice Skating (if you don’t have pair of ice skates you can always rent them from the Chateau Ski & Snow rental)
  • Sleigh Rides (click here to book your slot & bring a blanket ! It runs until early April )
  • Snowshoeing / Cross Country Skiing ( with a guide or alone – rentals available )
  • Johnston Canyon Ice Walk
  • Ski Resorts / Tubing (located at the near ski hills)

While we were there we took advantage of the sleigh ride & ice skating! The kids had so much fun 😀

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | Winter Wonderland Getaway

Play Inside

If you’re not a fan of outdoor activities, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to sit back and relax! For instance, our family hit up the hot tub & pool with the kids as many times as possible just so they could burn off that extra energy.

One thing I did want to mention for the parents, is the Kids Club! We all know that traveling with kids can be extremely exhausting, but we still do it anyway 😛

The Kids Club is a great way to schedule a break for mom & dad! The kids get to hang out and have fun (with supervision) while the parents can enjoy two incredible hours alone!  We scheduled our couples massage at the spa, while the kids were away. I can confirm, that we definitely felt a lot more refreshed picking them up than we did dropping them off! I highly recommend taking advantage.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | Winter Wonderland Getaway

Overall Experience

I definitely don’t want to keep rambling on about our stay! SO, if you’re considering visiting Lake Louise and don’t know where to start. Check out the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise! The staff is super knowledgable and accomodating to both tourists and locals.

It’s a great way to explore the outdoors (in both the Winter & Summer), or a beautiful place to relax and get away from all the hustle and bustle.

You can find me over at Instagram, where I share about our trip! Just search for the Fairmont CLL highlight!

Thanks for reading!

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