If you don’t own a scrunchie then are you even trendy?! ūüėČ

I first dove into the world of scrunchies 8 months ago after giving birth to Isaiah. I saw the Chelsea King Scrunchies on Instagram and I thought hey why not!

Before,¬†I permed my hair (I’ll save that for another post), I always wore my hair in a half bun or half ponytail. Adding a scrunchie to your hairdo just adds a bit of personality.¬†Scrunchies come in so many colours and patterns, that they make wearing them fun.

I know, I know.

You’re probably thinking that scrunchies¬†are so “80’s and 90′” but guurrrll, these 9 scrunchie¬†styles will rock your world.

9 Scrunchie Styles That Will Take You Out Of the 90’s

Photo Credit: Julie Christine Photography

I thought it would a cute idea to partner with some of my local boss babes and introduce some Scrunchie Styles for different hair colour and lengths.¬† I’ll be sharing three of them on my blog.

You’ll have to visit Codi’s and Julie’s for 6 more ways.

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On Your Wrist

Sadly, (but not so sad because I love my perm), I can’t wear my hair in many updos. However, you will always see one on my wrist because I just love them that much.

Top Bun

I like to call my “top bun”, the “Perm Bun”. Simply gather all your hair on the top of your head and loop it twice. Ta-da!

The Phoebe

I can watch reruns of Friends all day long baby. One time I was watching and noticed Phoebe had her hair in a scrunchie and she instantly became my favourite character.

Gather all your hair to one side and put a scrunchie around it. DONE!

So easy yet stylish!

I have so many different colours, textures and patterns of scrunchies, but this particular one is called the “Beige Velvet”. You can find and purchase your¬†very own here
I hope that you found some scrunchie style inspiration. I can’t wait to see them on you!
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