Our #CANVASRoomRefresh with Canadian Tire is ready for the big reveal!

Before #CanvasRoomRefresh:

After #CanvasRoomRefresh:

The Process:

The Process:

The room I wanted to “refresh” was our living room. I’ve wanted to do something different with our current setup for a while but felt so uninspired.

We weren’t using the space properly. We didn’t have much storage and the kids’ toys were taking up a lot of our living area! As soon as I saw the CANVAS Collection, one of Canadian Tire’s private label brands, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this room.

Selecting items from the CANVAS Collection was so fun. The entire assortment is affordable, on-trend and the best part? It is designed to mix and match. So you don’t have to worry if you’re selecting the “right items”.

I personally mixed in metal and wood to match my style!

For example, the CANVAS Harbour Baskets with the Copenhagen desk and Round Rope Mirror in the picture below.

Do you remember what was there before? {scroll back up to see}

Our couch was against that entire wall facing our bay window. To be honest, the curtains were there to hide all the junk. Our dark brown curtains against the windows didn’t allow for a lot of natural light so we used it as storage instead.

I emptied out all the junk and removed the dark curtains to open up the space. I then moved the couch from one wall to another and got to work.

The Fun Part

Well, obviously the fun part was shopping for the items 😉 HA! But building the furniture wasn’t hard  either. The instructions were easy to follow along – thank goodness for pictures.

To refresh the room, I selected two CANVAS Winston Chairs in grey, theLouisa Ottoman, the Copenhagen TV Stand & 2-Shelf Bookcase, Diamond Link Rug, Cape Basket and a few of the Harbour Baskets (both small and large) for storage!

I also added some cute accessory pieces like the CANVAS White Pineapple Tea Light Holder, the Quinn Floor Lamp, Hexagon Table, a few of the CANVAS cushions (including the Galaxy Denim, Pintuck and Mercury) and the Cable Knit Throw.

To pull the room together, I purchased some plants, put up a couple more pictures and voila!

Finishing up this room in two weeks was definitely a labour of love. Shopping with Canadian Tire made the whole process so much more enjoyable.

It was fun getting into the #CANVASRoomRefresh that I’m already thinking what other room needs a little CANVAS love 🙂

So what do you think?! Let me know in the comments below!

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