Alright ladies, can you believe that it’s already December? I guess that means that most of us are officially in holiday mode…right?

With Christmas and New Year parties right around the corner, here’s a quick list of how to get holiday ready! Hint: it includes shaving your legs with the Schick QuattroYou!

So for all you mamas, its time to take off those leggings (or romper) and slide into something more festive.

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About Schick QuattroYou

First, let me introduce you to the Schick QuattroYou. This razor is an entirely new product and brand created for younger shavers. The SchickQuattroYou is also great for us mom so don’t get discouraged from using it. This one is simply made to make it easier for beginners!

The Exotic Violet Blooms razor handle is lightly scented with a flowery fragrance – scented razor handles! Four ultra-thin blades provide a shave so close and long-lasting that you so you can skip a day or two.

P.s. If you have a teen then I suggest you download the Wattpad app for new upcoming content from Schick.

 Get Holiday Ready with Schick QuattroYou

So if you’re anything like me,  “alone time” doesn’t exist because you’re running around chasing after your kids. With the following tips, you will have your legs feeling smoother than ever. Just in time for the holidays!

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Use shaving gel: Lather on moisturizing shaving gel like the Skintimate® Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel. The Skintimate® Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel is dye-free, hypoallergenic, and formulated with colloidal oatmeal to help provide protection to your extra sensitive skin.
  3. Shave
  4. Moisturize


I’m giving permission – from one exhausted mom to another, to take a few minutes away from the crazy to spoil those legs!!! Trust me, you will feel like a new woman.


  1. Tooth Fairy

    I love Schick and shared contest with gal pal who would appreciate the gift too

  2. kathy downey

    Thanks for sharing this post Schick is my all time favorite brand,makes my legs feel amazing!