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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, how am I supporting my local business owners?  Well, let’s see… Are you purchasing from them? Are you visiting their storefronts? Testing out their products? Spreading the word on social media?

Living in Vancouver, I have had the opportunity to meet and converse with my small shop business owner friends, as well as, local merchants who run their own storefronts. Running a business is hard and I want to able to support them.

So of course,  I don’t think it comes to a surprise that I absolutely LOVE supporting local businesses. Whether it be clothes for the kids, clothes for myself, skincare, makeup and yes even produce, I always consider supporting local first.

Support Your Local Business Owners with Moneris

When you think about if supporting our local business owners has never been more important.  Moneris also recognizes this and offers merchants various options to help run their business. Options like Countertop Terminals, Mobile POS , Online E-commerce, Short-Range Mobile, etc. It really all depends on their business needs. They aren’t stuck with one option!

A couple of weeks ago, our whole family jumped into our  SUV and drove about an hour to a fresh produce market called Produce Gone Wild in Chilliwack, BC.  We heard that they carried fresh produce and they did not disappoint!  We even picked up some fruit we never have seen before.

It felt good knowing that I was not only helping a local business but that we also came home with some fresh fruit and vegetables for the kids to enjoy.

From restaurants to salons, to your local Brick & Mortar shops, Moneris is here to make transactions easy for both customer and merchant thanks to their payment solutions for every type of business.

Moneris gives our local businesses the means to succeed! I encourage all of my readers to shop locally and support those in your area. And if you are a local business owner shopping around for payment solutions then check out Moneris.com to see if this could be a good fit for you and your business,

And don’t forget to #supportlocal!

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