I feel like its been forever since I’ve updated y’all on my bump! But in reality you can find all the bumpy goodness on my Instagram. So, if you’re ever wondering how I’m doing or how the boys are doing, just look us up on Instagram and you will be sure to find some updates!

Styling the bump this time around has been fairly easy. Being pregnant isn’t new to me and I know the styles I like and the styles I don’t like. With so many amazing brands helping us feel sexy, secure, and stylish during pregnancy, you might just end up getting knocked up on purpose.

Here are a few of my go outfit and items this season!

Work Mode:

Jacket: Artizia
Dress: Pink Blush Maternity
Shoes: Skechers

Flirty & Romantic

Dress: Pink Blush Maternity

Laid Back

Cardigan:Pink Blush Maternity
Black Support Wear: Blanqi
Black Out Moto Pants: Preggo Leggings
Shoes: Vans

Casual & Comfy

Jean Jacket: Artizia
Black Batwing Shirt: Au Fait Mama
Grey Leggings:Preggo Leggings
Shoes: Skechers
That’s all for now! I’m working hard to bring you some fun, new and creative ways to dress your bump without having to throw your unique style away. Remember to keep coming back for new bump updates and more.


  1. You look super cute!! I love the milkmaid braid, and red floral dress!! So pretty!!

  2. Janette Shearer

    Girl you look gorgeous! I love your preggo fashion!

  3. Trista Peterson

    I love all of these looks! I think the Laid Back is my favorite!

  4. Hanna J Smith

    OH MY LORD! YOU are a style inspiration!! Seriously I love every single look! And that denim(?) trench is to DIE for!

  5. I need to get some preggo leggings. I’ve heard great things about them! Love all your outfits.

  6. Maggie Murphy

    I love all of these looks! I lived in leggings and maxi skirts when I was pregnant!