I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Remembering my past and comparing it to the present. Trying to figure out my purpose.

Life Update

Life with three is extremely busy.

I really “love” how people who don’t know me well assume that I have my shit together. LOL. You see what I want you to see.

The fights, the tears, the mess,  the hustle, the clutter. I’ve wanted to give up on my blog so many times this year but never once did I pull the trigger.

I mean can you blame me?

I was working full time, being a mom, pregnant, and blogging.

The disorganization of my house has become unbearable. Even more so since having Isaiah.

But I continue. Because my hard work is finally paying off and for that, I will not apologize for.

So please, never compare your life to mine. Because you really have no fucken idea.

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Blog Update

After having Isaiah, I toyed with the idea of rebranding and changing my name to something that was more relevant.

However, after some thinking, I decided against it.

Raising Jay & Abel is the brand I created and to change it, would greatly impact my business. Therefore, the name stayed.

As the new year approaches, the name might change but eh, it’s honestly it’s not that big of a deal for me.

Some things that I will be doing is decreasing the amount of writing and blogging that I do. Instead, I will be focusing on videos to share my thoughts and opinions.

A couple of reasons:

  1. Blogging has become oversaturated (IMO)
  2. My diagnosis of “Ulnar nerve entrapment” in my right arm still causes me pain after I write. Read more about that here: Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

There will be a new logo and perhaps a new blog layout, but overall, things will stay the same until 2018!

I Choose Joy

In the past two and half years, I’ve seen bloggers compete, complain, whine, cry, fight, and I’m over it. I choose to surround myself with people who have nothing but words of encouragement (and maybe virtually slap me when I need a reality check).

People who can have meaningful conversations. You know conversations that don’t always surround blogging and social media. Because let’s face it, there are life-changing things that are going on, much larger than your Instagram.

I want to get to know the REAL you. NOT what you portray online. So if that sounds like you, let me know 🙂

And just remember, I’m not a quitter. I’m a fighter. Instead of bowing out graciously, I will come for you in 2018.



  1. I love following your blog! I live in Surrey so I think it’s super cool you’re local. 🙂 And now that I’m pregnant, I love reading all your reviews and seeing how you cope with 3 kids and work and all of that! Congratulations on all the success with your blog so far and also for keepin’ it real. 🙂

  2. Diedre Anthony

    Yes! I love your attitude. And I agree, sometimes as bloggers we get bogged down in the numbers instead of the purpose. You’ve always rocked it out in my opinion though. Much love!

  3. Travelbuds

    Hang in there through the tough times. You’re doing great and I look forward to your videos.

  4. I love your point about only seeing what you want us to see. I think that’s the downside of social media-what is actually real?

  5. Claudia MacFadden

    My mom was a teen mom, the hustle and determination she had for herself as well for us was amazing. It’s not easy being a teen Mom, so I have much respect for mom any mama but i always have a special place in my heart for mamas who had to struggle when they were just kids themselves. Good job and God bless.

  6. Nicolthe pickle

    Life with three is extremely busy. I tell my husband often that he needs a new housekeeper. Keep up the good work, and I really like your blog name. It’s recognizable (to me at least). I get why it could be changed, but I do like what you have already.

  7. kristen visser

    I am SOOOOO happy you never gave up on your blog! I love your blog because it is relatable, you give us YOU not some made up, sugar coated shit..you are real and mama i totally know where you are coming from and will know even more so when i pop out number three. Thank you for being you

  8. kathy downey

    I’m so happy I found your blog,I love how you tell it like it is!