When I heard they were opening Tsawwassen Mills in the lower mainland, I was really excited! We love Crossiron Mills in Calgary and the thought of having a “Mills” close to home was wonderful.

Our family’s first visit to Tsawwassen Mills was on opening day and we instantly knew it was going to be one of our favourite places to take the boys.

About Tsawwassen Mills

Since October, we’ve already visited numerous of times. We were there for the Christmas Tree Lighting, Opening Day, and even met Peppa Pig!

With the Vancouver weather making it hard to enjoy the outside and the boys getting restless at home, Tsawwassen Mills is always our go-to place to visit. We enjoy some delicious food, stretch our legs, and most importantly, let the boys get rid of all their energy!

With over 1.2 Million square feet of retail space and lots of areas for us to cover, we can spend hours shopping around and enjoying the shopping centre.

Making the most of Your Visit

Visiting the outlet mall can be intimating if you aren’t prepared. With a few visits under our belt, we’ve learned to plan our trips around naps, food and of course, using the map.
I appreciate the “zones” that group all of the similar stores together. So if you’re in a hurry, you can definitely find what you’re looking for quickly!
With that in mind here is how to make the most of your trip:

Give yourself enough time

It’s crazy how fast time goes when you’re with three children. If you’re like me and want to enjoy yourself, then giving yourself enough time to wonder, eat, change diapers, breastfeed and rest is a must.

We can even spend up to an hour at the children play area just so the boys can enjoy themselves as well!

Make a Plan

Whether your plan is to go and kill some time or to dash in and out of the stores then making a plan that goes with your goal will be extremely helpful.

As a family 5, getting out is never easy so we do plan to stay for a few hours. Sometimes we even decide to eat dinner at one of the restaurants. Our favourite is Montanas! Super kid friendly and the food is so good.

Set a Budget

I’m a sucker for a deal but again, being mindful of your budget is a must.

Use the Kid Friendly Cart

I really appreciate the kid “cart” that they have at Tsawwassen Mills. It’s hard enough to keep an eye on one child let alone three. For about $6 you can rent a kid-friendly “cart” to help make your shopping experience better for all. It can fit about two small toddlers comfortably and it really makes a difference!

Have Fun

I know, what it’s like shopping at a busy mall with kids. However, what I love must about Tsawwassen Mills is the space. Even on its busy days, I don’t feel like I’m being trampled or better yet rushed to walk faster. The mall has plenty of rest areas throughout and plenty of places for the kids to enjoy. So make sure to have fun during your next visit!


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