What does being a “boy mom” really mean?
It means that farts, burps and going to the washroom with the door open are the norm in your house. Yelling “get that out of your mouth!”, “don’t touch that!” and “What did I say about the toilet seat!”, are repeated on a daily basis.

Embrace Life’s Messes

With the constant messes and spills, I’ve decided that I have to live for the moments of sticky fingers and wet kisses. Because being a boy mom means that there will be tons of messy moments! I just have to embrace all of them. Whenever I have downtime, I’ll just have to clean with the Libman Company Tornado Mop.

If you can’t beat them, join them….right?

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The Libman Company

With a larger mop head, the Libman Tornado Mop allows you to clean 50% more surface area to get the job done faster and done right. The 3 green bands prevent tangling while polyester yarn resists odor causing bacteria making it the ideal mop for any surface.

The Libman Company knows their way around cleaning products: for 120 years, the family-owned business has made quality their priority, offering the finest USA-made brooms, brushes, mops, and cleaning tools.

The Libman Company, Libman Fall Cleaning, Libman BTS, Libman Tornado Mop, Libman Company, Libman Mops

Live for the Moments

But what being a “boy mom” really means is that you’ll have another set of helping hands to take out the garbage, open the door and love you unconditionally as their queen. I love being a boy mom to my messy little men!

Whether you choose to buy the Libman Tornado Mop or any other Libman product make sure to sign up for the Libman company newsletter to SAVE $3 on a new mop! Who doesn’t love a coupon 😉


  1. I currently have a Libman broom and love it. It reaches into tight spots easily and is easy to clean the dog fur out of the bristles. Looks like they have a great selection of other products.

  2. I am a boy Mom to three. Would not change it for the world. Those messes mean they are there and worth it.

  3. Treen Goodwin

    I have never tried the Libman products , but they sound awesome , i will def be trying them out thanks for sharing , i have 2 big dogs and always have dirty paw prints on the floors !

  4. Shana Ethier

    Couldn’t agree more with embracing the chaos that boys bring! Life is too short to sweat the messes!

  5. Janette Shearer

    I wish I had boys for that reason. I just have 2 girls who whine.. why do I have to clean? Can’t someone else do it?! lol

  6. Tamara Goyette

    Even just being a mom help cleaning is a must. Everyone should pitch in.