How is it May already ?! (Don’t answer that question, I know how the calendar works :P). With May literally around the corner, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Winter and finally welcome the sunshine with open arms. This Cinco de Mayo party will having you saying yaasss girl to the sun and waving bye to winter!

Cinco de Mayo Party

Myself, Janette from Ava to Zoe, and Kat from Our Happy Place, put our heads together for this super fun fiesta and can I just say how impressed I am of the three of us?

Your kids, friends, families and yes, even your hubbies will be enjoying this Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Of course, they put the pregnant girl in charge of (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) drinks. I searched Pinterest for inspiration and found a quick DIY for Sangria. I also popped into my local Latino restaurant and bought 4 different flavours of Jarritos for the non drinkers.


A non alcoholic soda drink that comes in 11 different flavours. Available at multiple latino stores around the lower mainland. I urge you to try one for yourself! They come in a cool glass bottle and the taste, YUM!

Fun Fiesta Sangria Recipe

  • 1 Bottle of Red Wine
  • 1 to 2 cups of fruit (Blackberries, sliced Oranges, sliced Strawberries, bite sized Pineapple bits)
  • 1/4 of a bottle of Sprite
  • Vodka (the more the merrier)

Since I wasn’t able to taste the Sangria, I simply eyed everything and mixed. I let the fruit marinate in the vodka and red wine for a couple hours (refrigerated) and once we were ready to go I added as much Sprite as I could. Miguel was into it.

This is probably the easiest Sangria you will ever make in your life. I used the same method a week later and I had a few friends feeling buzzed after a couple glasses. #winning

Scroll to see more photos of the party and the Makers who were involved!

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The Makers:


Backdrop- Our Happy Place, Tissue Paper Backdrop DIY
Glass jug & glasses, napkins, & taco tray- President’s Choice
Flowers- Ever Red Fresh Designs
‘OLE’ balloons, party plates, wooden forks, & cactus gummies – Joonie and Joe
Tissue Paper Garland – Gen Woo Craft
Wood cactus plates- Timber Child
Colouring pages- Taylin Threads


Mac & Cheese, organic blue corn chips- President’s Choice
Vegetarian tacos- Ava to Zoe using Veggie Grounds from Big Mountain Foods
Cactus cookies- The Cake Mama
Nacho flavour popcorn- The Popcorn Bar
Churros- Lola’s Churro Bar

Photo credit:

Ava to Zoe, one half of Captured in Squares 


  1. Jacki Quinones

    This is so fun! I’m putting on a Cinco de Mayo party at work soon! Love the inspiration!

  2. Lindsey McClure

    Love all these hosting and food and drink ideas! Cinco de Mayo is a holiday I usually overlook, but it’s so fun…might need to try something this year!

    • I tend to overlook the holiday as well, but I’m trying to make more of an effort to celebrate the “littler” holidays! I hope you enjoy <3

  3. Ok now THIS is how you throw a party! Love everything about this – the decor and snacks are so cute! Going to try this recipe on Cinco de Mayo

  4. Tamara Goyette

    Where was my invite to this party? Love all the stuff you guys did for this. I know what I want to do for Cinco de Mayo.

    • It was lost in the mail, stupid Canada Post!! They’re going to hear an earful from me! I cant wait for our next fiesta together 😀

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