Reading to all three of the boys has slowly made its way into our bedtime routine. Playtex Baby and Amazon Canada have partnered up to curate a list of great bedtime reading books creating #PlaytexReads!

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Our personal favourites include:

  1. Diaper Genie® Elite
  2. Sipsters® Stage 1 Straw Cup
  3. Playtex® Baby Infant Spoons

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 Bonding Over Reading #PlaytexReads

I was finding it difficult to sit down with all three of the boys individually. They’re all at different levels and for some reason, I thought that reading “age appropriate” books to each of them was what I had to do.

Thankfully, I quickly realized that it wasn’t so much about ensuring that all of them were at a certain reading level but instead it was about the bonding reading provided us.

Instead of reading to them separately, I lay down with Jayden and Abel in their shared bedroom and read the classic books that I absolutely loved as a child.

Jayden will either read the book we have picked out for the night (which is so cute to see!) or he holds Isaiah, while I read a book to all three of them.

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Top 5 Favourite Classic Toddler Books

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See
  • Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Love You Forever
  • Green Eggs & Ham

I can read these books to the boys over and over again and never get bored!

Reading to your children is not only important to help grow their vocabulary, language and literacy skills. But, reading can also aid in creating a closer bond with your son or daughter.

As a mom of three, making time for every boy is hard but not impossible! It is also important to help our children grow together and allow them to create their own personal relationship with their sibling.

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