We have gotten a head start to the Back to School season with our new LeapStart 3D Learning System (for Abel) & VTech® Stroll & Discover Activity Walker. (for Isaiah).

I was so excited to receive both in the mail because it’s a great opportunity for them to be exposed to education in different ways.

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About the LeapFrog LeapStart® 3D Learning System

Abel already loves his LeapPad and brings it along with him everywhere we go. However, I noticed that he’s ready to learn even more and that’s where the LeapStart 3D Learning System comes into play.

The LeapStart 3D Learning System is a step up from the LeapStart that we all know and love. The 3D part is great because it allows Abel to interact with the books using visuals and animation.  Which of course, will keep him interacted for a little while longer!

Your child still has the convenience of using the touch and talk technology to use with the LeapStart stylus but the 3D part gives it a little extra treat for them!

The LeapStart has a library of 25+ books (each sold separately) with more than 30 activities in every book. The books are designed for preschool to first grade which makes it a great gift for kids aged two to seven.

I can’t wait to see his imagination run wild over the next year with new LeapStart 3D Learning System!

About the VTech® Stroll & Discover Activity Walker

Now that we covered what we’re using for Abel, let’s talk about my sweet little love Isaiah.

He is probably at his most curious age right now. I feel that every day he learns something new and he constantly surprises me on what he picks up!

The VTech® Stroll & Discover Activity Walker has some pretty great features but my absolute favourite one is that it grows with your baby.

From floor play to first steps, the Stroll & Discover Activity Walker is an interactive walker that grows with your child. It even has a removable electronic play panel for 2-in-1 fun.

I love that it introduces colours, numbers, music while Isaiah develops his fine motor skills. Another great gift for the little ones in your life.

Learning with LeapStart® 3D Learning System & VTech® Stroll & Discover Activity Walker

This whole year at home has just flown by. I didn’t expect to enjoy staying home with the kids as much as I did. We are all starting a new chapter in our lives in a couple weeks (back to school, back to work, preschool, etc).

We are slowly winding up for what’s to come so I’m thankful that they have educational toys that suit their age!

Learning doesn’t have to start at school so these toys are a great asset to have at home for your littles.

Which one did you like the best? Would you buy these for your littles? Let me know in the comments!

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