We received our Lily Jade Diaper Bag in exchange for an honest review. As always ,all opinions are my own. Please read my Disclaimer Page for more information.

Remember the little teaser I did last week on my Instagram ? How about the quick mention on my  Why You Need These Items In Your Life post? Well, it’s finally here… I am so thrilled to be sharing more about Lily Jade, Diaper bag for the Modern Mama!

I first discovered, Lily Jade when I was on maternity leave, I instantly fell in love with Madeline, a diaper bag that is stylish, [but functional], and can be worn in three different ways ?! Who wouldn’t want one?  What I love most about this diaper bag is that it doesn’t look like one. I am constantly getting asked where I got my purse from and I happily reply with “oh, you mean my Diaper Bag?”. Which is usually replied to with “OMG, that’s a diaper bag?”.

Another thing I love about Madeline , is that she can be worn in three different ways. The first way, is over the shoulder, the second way, is cross the body and third (which is my favorite) way, is backpack style. I was a little confused at first on how to wear the “Backpack” way but I quickly figured it out and its been my go to (unless I am using it to go to work – then I use it the cross body way). Lily Jade, diaper bag comes complete with a detachable, washable Baby Bag organizer and washable Lily Jade changing pad. The organizer, which is removable, provides you with optimal organization for all your baby needs!

Are you drooling yet ?!

It’s a lot to take in, and I’m sure if you haven’t heard of Lily Jade and have a baby you’re probably wondering “Where was this bag before?!” and I know the feeling. Trust me mamas, I really do. Let me share ONE more thing about Lily Jade before the exciting stuff.

The thing, I absolutely love most about Lily Jade Diaper Bags, is that you can REUSE them once your baby has grown up. ALl All you have to do is remove the insert inside and voila. This means that you can stay stylish and continue using your Lily Jade until you can’t use it no more. Raise your hand, if that is something you are looking forward to. *raises hand*.

Alright, I’ve gone on and on about this diaper bag, and I know what you’re thinking.. and yes, you’re right, I obviously love you guys SO much that I’ve partnered with Lily Jade to giveway a couple of these auh-mazing bags to TWO of you!

Let me first start by thanking Lily Jade for partnering up with myself and Keisha, from Loving Littles Blog to give you TWO chances to win a Lily Jade of your own. Entering this super fab giveaway is easy, simply “complete” as many entries as you can using the Rafflecopter Widget(scroll down) on BOTH our blogs. That’s it! Make sure to come back here for your daily twitter entry.

Keisha and I will each pick and announce our own winner on our social media accounts 🙂  GOOD LUCK MY LOVES <3

Photography by: juliechristinephotography.com
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  1. I love the look of the Madeline bag, it is gorgeous. I’m about to be a first time mom so I’ve definitely been looking into these amazing bags. Who doesn’t love a multifunctional purse?!

  2. Heather Dawn Sparrow

    I love how stylish and functional the Madeline bag is! I totally have diaper bag envy and would choose this style ?

  3. Mariekris Galvez

    I definitely love the Madeline bag, the best feature for me is that it turns to a backpack! I’ve been trying to adjust my budget to get one before my baby comes.

  4. I would definitely chose the Madeline! I’ve been eying it forever. All LJ are gorgeous though.

  5. Tara Jensen

    I LOVE the Madeline bag and neeeeeeeeed it.

  6. Emily Marroquin

    I love the Madeline and the Meggan!

  7. Shirri Rae Stringfellow

    Those bags are absolutely gorgeous!! The Madeline is my fave!

  8. I adore the Madeline bag! Thanks
    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  9. Mamabackes

    I would probably pick the Elizabeth! They’re so lovely. If not that one, than the Rosie. She is so classy. ? I’m Torn between those two.
    – Robin Backes

  10. Kimberly

    These bags keep on showing up in my Facebook feed and I’m in love. The leather looks so nice and I want to reach through my screen and touch it. I would pick either the Meegan or Cailin in black leather.

  11. The Madeline is fabulous! I need this bag in my life. I LOVE that it can be used later when diaper bags are no longer needed (which will be forever for me, but still!).

  12. Kelsey Allen

    Oh my gosh I have always dropped over these bags! With two little one 14 months apart I need one of these! ???

  13. Sadie cook

    This is the most gorgeous bag I have ever seen and I swear the pockets are to die for ?

  14. Natalie Moy Javier

    1) SHAYLEE!!! I like the squared/clean look with the nice gold hardware (everything from the plated logo, metal feet, to the snaps on side that converts the look of bag!), front/back zipper pockets, nice size, and it converts to wear as a backpack.. which I think would be the cutest wear! 2) ROSIE is also way too classy to pass up! Its smooth curves, clean design, and big zipper pockets in the front and back is to die for. I can see myself using it just as a purse. Need them both in my life 🙂

  15. Audrey Albinger

    Probably the Shaylee or Meggan in brandy.

  16. Abby Minneman

    I’ve gone back and forth, but I still think the Madeline is my favorite, and in either color! It’s beautiful and stylish. It can be both casual, and dressed up! Perfect!!

  17. Gabby Jimenez

    I would choose any trying to win for my friend.

  18. Holly Guski

    Every Single Lily Jade Bag is absolutely beautiful! It’s so hard to choose just one. But I have “Always” loved the Meggan in Brandy. That would be my choice.
    Because Co-Founder Meggan Wood is truly such an amazing Wife, Mother, Friend to so many and such a True Inspiration. It would be a Huge Honor to own a bag from her company that is named after her. ?

  19. I’d love the Meggan or Madeline in brandy.

  20. Alyssa Murphy

    I’d choose the Elizabeth or the Meggan, They’re both on my wishlist! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  21. Pamela Janeth Sandoval Ramirez

    I’d love the madeline in brandy!(:

  22. Nicole Deardorf

    I would LOVE a Rosie in black. This fits my personality pretty well and I have never had a nice bag before. What a great way to change that right? Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  23. cynthia eason

    I would love the Meggan in Brandy or the Madeline in brandy or black. Even just the organizer would make me happy 😉

  24. I love the Meggan in black! So versatile and hot!

  25. I would love Meggan in black! 🙂 The bags are beautiful and would love to win one! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  26. McKinzie Lowry

    Madeline in brandy, gorgeous bag! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Martha Espinoza

    Hello, madeline in brandy brown?, thanks for this opportunity!

  28. Alycia Mundall

    I have always wanted one of these bags…I love love the MADELINE IN BRANDY!!!!

  29. Ana Gabriela Elkins

    Madeline in Black ?. Thank you.

  30. Kelsey Smith Skipper

    Love! Your post just made my obsession ever larger ? Due with baby #2 on July 5th must. Have. This. Bag.

  31. Deepti Madan

    Would love to win this giveaway for my sister in law. She is due in August. ??
    My fav is Anna in gunmetal ?

  32. Thank you for this opportunity! If I could choose, I’d pick the Madeline. I think it’s gorgeous and I love the backpack option!

  33. Tara Peterson

    LOVE lily Jade. Such a practical and beautiful bag company for moms who need lots of space and still want to look stylish. I would love the Madeline -doesn’t matter what color! Brandy probably.

  34. danyelle

    I love the madeline bag so much! I love that you can wear it three ways!

  35. Quantmlife

    I would probably choose Elizabeth in brandy but I love some of the newer designs, too… such a difficult choice… hope I win and I’m forced to make it 😉