Raise your hand if your child loves to eat!!  And no, I’m not talking about Abel, LOL (but he can enjoy these too). The Gerber Organic Puree Smart Flow delivers less mess, less waste and more nutrients right into your baby’s tummy.

As most of you know, I’m constantly searching for the next new trend so that I can share it with you guys!  I love anything that makes my beautiful chaos a bit easier.

 I hire a cleaner to help “reset” our home, order my groceries online and call on my family and friends to come over when I need a “mommy time out”.

Most importantly, I ensure that the boys are getting everything they need and more.

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About Gerber Organic Purees With Smart Flow

The Gerber Organic Purees has a resealable packaging that is great for on the go moms like me! It is small enough to fit into my diaper bag, yet big enough for Isaiah to feed himself.

With a “Smart Flow” top and transparent packaging, you can see what you are feeding your baby. Which I personally love, because I’m all about visuals.

There’s nothing worse than having to guess what is going to come out.

Another great thing about the transparent packaging is that your baby can also see what they are about to eat. I take this time to “explain” to Isaiah whats inside and how yummy it’s going to be for him.

Although he doesn’t one understand I word I say (well, at least not yet), he smiles and listens intently!

Other Product Benefits

  • Smart Flow is great because it prevents a mess
  • Comes in 15 Organic Flavours
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • No Added Suger or salt
  • No Artificial Flavours or colours
  • Recommended for children 6 months and older

Introducing New Flavours With Gerber Organic Puree

Isaiah is at the age where he loves to explore. His sensory play is developing so quickly and so is his love for food. This little babe loves to taste everything he can.

The Gerber Organic Puree comes in 15 different flavours.

His favorites are the Mango Apple Carrot Kale, Apple Kale Fig, and Banana Beet Pomegranate. Yum!

If your baby is ready to explore different taste and you don’t know where to start. Pick up a few of the Gerber Organic Purees at your local supermarket.

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