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With only 3 weeks left of my pregnancy, the “to-do” list has finally started to get shorter.

We still have to pack both hospital bags (one for me and one for Miguel). Wash, dry and fold the baby’s newborn clothing and blankets. Also, ensure that our SUV is safe and ready for baby’s arrival.

I’m definitely no car expert but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any mama tricks up my sleeve.

Here are 5 Ways To Get Your SUV Ready For Baby’s Arrival

1. Clean out the Trunk

Cleaning out all the junk from your trunk (i.e. extra clothes that have been tossed, random toys, and garbage) is always a must! Even more so when getting your SUV ready for your little’s arrival. Ensuring that we have space for a stroller, two diaper bags, hospital bags and all the gifts on our way home is so important. I definitely don’t want to worry about cleaning the trunk after labor.

Canadian Tire is made for life in Canada, so make sure you head there to buy any cleaning items you may need to clean out the trunk!

2. Vacuum the seats

Boy, oh boy. If you’re like me, weekly and monthly wipe down of the car does not tend to be a priority (especially during pregnancy). The beach has been our favorite hang out spot and of course, we bring a little sand back home with us every time. Vacuuming the seats before installing the car seat is great to lean thinking (a.k.a. flow of work process).

BONUS: If you’re looking to purchase items for the beach, Canadian Tire has a great selection of outdoor/camping gear. We bought our Folding Wagon and Sun Shelter a month ago and have used it every weekend since. 

 3. Install Your Infant Car Seat

Getting discharged from the hospital is a glorious day! Do yourself a favor and install that car seat at least a week before your due date. If you want to do the install the seat two or even three weeks early then I highly suggest you do! You do not want to be those parents that have to figure out how to install and use the infant car seat the day you get discharged from the hospital.

4. Check Tire Pressure

After all the interior is complete, checking those circular things (a.k.a wheels), your car sits on are next! First, find the recommended pressure for your tire. You can probably find this on the sticker along the driver’s side door jam, in your owners manual or the trunk lid. Once you figure that out, follow the instructions you find on google and voila! You’re good to go.

5. Change Oil with Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Finally, the last step, and probably one of the most important. Changing your vehicle’s oil with Quaker State® Oil.

Purchase your Quaker State® Oil at your local Canadian Tire. Please ensure that you buy the correct oil for your vehicle! You can easily figure out which oil to purchase on the Canadian Tire on their website or by reading your owners manual.

Once all the above steps are completed, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your new baby is coming home in a well cleaned and well-maintained vehicle.

How have you prepared for your newborn’s arrival? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ashley Solberg

    These are all such great tips! Often something I neglect and definitely need to stay on top of more!

  2. Kristen Carlson

    These are really great tips! Things that maybe parents don’t think of but make life easier!!

    • Thank you for saying!!! I wish I had more time to prepare before Isaiah decided to show up 😛

  3. Beth Newcomb

    I made my husband install the car seats SO early. 😂 I saw you had your little man — CONGRATULATIONS! ❤

  4. Dee Lanthier-Clarke

    Congrats on your new arrival, Mama! Great tip about checking the tire pressure. I only learned about this recently. It is supposed to improve your mileage.

  5. Cyn Gagen

    Great tips! Congrats on your new arrival. #client

  6. Kate Cushman

    Love these tips! I got my car cleaned and my oil changed before my daughter arrived! So great to not have to worry about it once they’re here!

  7. Tamara Goyette

    I really wish I had gotten the car cleaned and all ready to go before baby got here. Would have been a smart idea.

  8. Misty Valverde

    These are such wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing! Best of luck on your new baby arrival!

  9. Rachel Catherine

    We had our whole car detailed before our daughter was born. It was awesome. Now with two the car’s a disaster.

  10. Cassandra Smith

    Cleaning is key! Going to send this to my husband so he can help prep his SUV for when our baby arrives!
    I’m picky, so maybe I’ll detail it myself? LOL