Last year, I sent Jayden to an overnight summer camp for the very first time. He was just shy of 9 years old.

At first,  I was nervous and scared to send him to an overnight camp for six days! That’s 5 nights and 6 days away from both mom and dad.

I don’t know about you but I think that’s a long time to trust your preteen boy to brush his teeth and take a shower every day.

Overnight Summer Camp Packing Checklist

Of course, when the time came to pick him up, he didn’t want to leave! I was extremely relieved that he made it home with all body parts intact.

However, when we sifted through all his dirty laundry, I noticed that he conveniently “forget” some items at camp. Which I normally wouldn’t care about, but being that the camp is located in Gibson, BC, I wasn’t impressed.

R.I.P to all the items left in the Lost & Found.

This year, I wanted to equip him with a checklist to ensure all items were packed.
I know, I know, he should remember but he won’t (that’s one of the woes of teaching him to be responsible). Instead of assuming that he will remember to bring all the items back home. I want to help him learn to think ahead, make lists, and pack accordingly.
So, I came up with this super easy, can’t screw it up, overnight summer camp packing checklist. Hopefully, this checklist helps you this summer.

Download Your Free Printable Here

Happy Camping!

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  1. Aneta Alaei

    Thank you for making this. So helpful for those sending off kids to camp 🙂

  2. LOL! I have a 9yo so I know what you mean. This checklist is very helpful. Thank you!

    • So you understand the awkward age of trusting and letting them deal with the consequences of losing their stuff!? 😛

  3. Dee Lanthier-Clarke

    I’m having one of those, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Brilliant!

  4. Lindsay Fischer

    I’m nowhere near the age of needing to pack a preteen boy, but I can somewhat empathize here. When I was still teaching high school I was also coaching the dance team (and we were nationally ranked). It would floor me – even though I know it shouldn’t – that they’d forget items every time we traveled. These kind of lists were a MUST! Love it!

  5. Justine Y

    Oh man, that’s the WORST when something gets left behind when you’re on vacation of some sort. This is a great idea to help kids remember everything!

  6. Krista Miller

    Haha every year I send my son to camp and afterwards they have a lost & found filled with SO many items that have been left behind!

  7. Great packing list as a Mom of three boys who all went to various camps growing up.