When it comes to travelling with children, especially in a car, let’s just say that I love to prep and pack for all the “What ifs!”. You know all the road trip essentials.

My kids are sure to get hungry and when I have all three of them all lined up in the back seat, snacks are my best friend. As a #Playtexmom I’m always looking for ways that create a calm yet efficient state for the boys.

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Travelling With Three Children

We recently went on a four-hour road trip to Summerland, BC.

Now, 4 hours isn’t the longest we’ve travelled VIA car, but it was the first time travelling with all three children. (8 months old, 3 year old and 10 years old) for that amount of time.

The last “road trip” we went on was two years ago to Calgary, AB. Which is 12-13 hours long depending on how many stops you make!

This time, however, we had an unruly preteen, who gets agitated when he’s around his little brothers for too long in a tight space. A whiny toddler, and an 8-month-old baby who doesn’t want to sit.

Cue the dramatics.

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5 Road Trip Essentials

The Twist ‘n Click™ Snacker

Well, one thing I learned was that you can never pack too many snacks. Give me all the snacks!

The Twist ‘n Click™ Snacker from Playtex Baby™ is easytohold and has soft plastic which makes it easy for the boys to get quick access to their favourite snacks.

You Twist ‘n Click™ it onto the base and you’ve got yourself a snack catcher. Twist on the lid and, voila! Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe and spill-proof.


I like to pack a full range of drinks for all three boys. Water, juice, milk, you name it, it’s being packed.


The easiest game that doesn’t require any packing and my personal favourite is “I Spy”.


Age-appropriate toys for all three boys will make their way into our car to keep them from fighting one another.


After all the snacks are eaten, games are played and the boys just want some time to themselves, I’ll pull out the big guns. You got it, the LeapPad & iPad come out to keep them preoccupied when mom and dad some quiet time.

They don’t stay on it for too long because they have time limits – usually 30 mins. but in that time they get tired and they FALL asleep.

Our next trip is in August and the Twist ‘n Click™ Snacker from Playtex Baby™ is definitely coming along!


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