A few months ago,  we moved our entire lives from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB. When we arrived, we built a basement for our family of 5 to live in. When construction was taking place, we lived out of suitcases and a guest bedroom in my in-law’s home.

If you’ve ever renovated or built a home you know the mental toll the whole process can take on you.

Once our basement was finally liveable, we faced even more challenges. One of them was providing a room for Jay (12) & Abel (5) who would be sharing a bedroom that they would both enjoy. Another was bridging their 7.5 year age gap.

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Shared Room Ideas for Small Bedrooms with Endy

Living in a small space with three kids can come with its ups and downs.  For context, our new space is probably half of the size we had in Vancouver, but we are making it work!

One thing I quickly learned was that I wouldn’t be able to have bunk beds in the room because of the low ceiling. I toyed with the idea of having one big bed for them to share but after discussing with Miguel, we knew that we had to get two separate beds.

That’s where Endy came in.

When I googled “shared room ideas for small bedrooms”, there was an overwhelming amount of info and advice. However, there was no article (that I could find) about boys in the same room with a big age gap.

So I had to improvise and come up with a solution.

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Simple & Functional with Endy

First, I wanted to ensure that the boys would have a comfortable sleep. Second, I wanted to decorate the room with items a 12-year-old and 5-year-old boys would both like. That meant no cutesy stuff, no bright colours, no matching bed sets, and absolutely no over the top wall art. WELP, with all this in mind, we went to work.

We measured the room to make sure that we could fit two Twin beds comfortably. Short answer, we were able to! In fact, we were able to get away with having a Twin & Twin XL. Which is perfect because Jayden was able to get a slightly bigger bed.

I was so happy when Endy revealed the “The Endy Bedframe” because with the limited space we had, having fancy bed frames or headboards just wasn’t an option for us.

The Endy Bedframe lifts the mattresses off the floor 11.5 inches providing just enough space for some storage underneath. It also doesn’t take much space so that was a bonus as well!

The Endy Bedframe is modern, strong, and easy to assemble! It literally only took us 10 minutes to build 😀

The Reveal

Well, if you’ve made it to this point, Congratulations! you’ve already seen the pictures of how everything turned out 😛

Thankfully, we were able to utilize what we already had,  aside from a couple of items that I had to purchase from Ikea.

In the future, we will add some wall storage but not too much. We wanted to keep the room a safe and quiet place for either of the boys to run to when they need to decompress.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. Living in a small space has forced me to declutter and get rid of items that we don’t need.  The boys couldn’t be happier with their new bedroom and I personally can’t wait to see their relationship grow.

A huge thank you to Endy for providing the mattresses, bed frames, pillows, pillow covers and sheets to make this room cozy!

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